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The Best Hotels Motorway France

The Best Hotels near the motorways of France

Looking for a nice overnight stop on your journey to your holiday destination in France?

Discover the best lodgings close to the main motorways in France. More than 150 hotels, bed & breakfasts, traditional French village inns, castles and farmhouses. 

  • Small scale, independent hotels, authentic places and welcoming staff 

  • Located in the quiet of the countryside or a cozy inn in the centre of a nice French village

  • High ratings from guests

  • Not far from the motorway 

Motorway Hotels France Calais to Paris
The Best Hotels Motorway France Tours Poitiers

Paris - Orleans -Tours - Poitiers- Bordeaux

Motorway L’Aquitaine A10 - 622 km

The Best Overnight Stops France Lyon Orange

Paris - Auxerre - Beaune - Lyon - Valence - Orange

Autoroute du Soleil  A6 and A7 - 650 km

The Best Motorway Hotels France A31 Metz Dijon Beaune
Motorway Hotels driving south of France

Paris -Vierzon - Clermont Ferrand - Montpellier

A71 en A75 - 721 km 

Hotels Motorway France to Limoges and Toulouse

Paris - Orleans -Vierzon - Limoges - Toulouse

A10/A71 and A20   Motorway L’Occitane   

The Best Overnight Stops France
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